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A course for young adults and adults, New Total English has been completely revised and updated to make it even more engaging and easy to use. With its. audio; doc; exe; flash; html; image; pdf; video .. New Total English уровень: pre- intermediate, Teacher's Book, автор - Diane Naughton Книга для учителя. New Total English Starter Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack by Irene Ofteringer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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New Total English Starter Teachers Book Pdf

Title: New total english starter students' book pdf, Author: Gislan Rocha, Name: New total english starter students' book pdf, Length: 83 pages. Пожаловаться. New Total English Pre-Intermediate Workbook есть у кого ключи ? 3 + Teacher's Resource Disc: New Total English Advanced - New Total English (Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Total English intermediate Teacher's Book PDF where I can to find? 1. Like Show likes.

What's New. Online Resources. Author s: Jonathan Bygrave Status: Available Now Language: British English Edition: Beginner Click here for system requirements. Series Description Series Key Features Related Links A course for young adults and adults, New Total English has been completely revised and updated to make it even more engaging and easy to use. With its clearly defined learning objectives and authentic content, New Total English includes new reading and listening texts, new video clips and a completely revised grammatical, lexical and pronunciation syllabus.

Academic Writing is a new kind of writing course for all international students who have to write coursework or exams in English. These practical books thoroughly explain the writing process and cover all the key writing skills. Academic Writing From Paragraph to Essay. First Steps in Academic Writing. Student's Book Expand text… Express Publishing, Incorporating career-specific vocabulary and contexts, each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in the four key language components: Career Paths English: Tourism presents subject matter including reservations, health concerns, money issues, tours and career options.

Law is a new educational resource for business professionals who want to improve their English communication skills in a work environment. Career Paths: Law presents subject matter including basic legal concepts, court processes, legal billing, evidence, and international law.

Information Technology. Book 1 Express Publishing, Information Technology" is an educational resource for information technology professionals who want to improve their English communication skills in a work environment. Information Technology" addresses topics including computer components, accessories, software, Internet security, web design, and the future of the industry. The series is organized into three levels of difficulty and offers over vocabulary terms and phrases.

Every unit includes a test of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills, and leads students through written and oral production. Included Features: A variety of realistic reading passages; Career-specific dialogues; 45 reading and listening comprehension checks, etc.

Hotels and Catering is a new educational resource for hospitality professionals who want to improve their English communication skills in a work enviroment. Incorporating career-specific vocabulary and context, each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in the four key language components: Beauty Salon. English Page Aug 6, at 6: Ahmed Metalista.

New Headway beginner - Teacher's Book. New Headway beginner - Tests. New Headway beginner - Workbook.

New Headway - Elementary - Student's Book. New Headway - Elementary - Teacher's Book. New Headway Elementary workbook. New Headway beginner - students book. Roman Zinzer. Essential idioms in English. Speak English Like an American. The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book. Amaranta Pgil. Thanks, does someone have the audio? Saul Choxom. Intermediate Learning English. YouTube English Page Aug 9, at Cutting Edge Level: Cutting Edge Starter Students' Book. Cutting Edge Starter Vocabulary Book.

Total English teds have new and fresh angles on the topics students need, and provide frequent opportunities for personal response. To the learner Total English has six levels. Helping learners catch up learners have busy lives and attending English classes on a regular basis is not always possible. If students miss lessons, the Reference and Review and practice pages at the end of each unit provide a summary of the main points covered. Also, the Total English Workbooks have free-standing CD-ROMs that include self-study catch-up material to present and practise language from any lesson the learner has missed.

Complete package Total English provides a comprehensive range of resource! Each Students Book unit has ten pages. Do you know these words? Match a word in the box to a picture Then listen and check. Match the instructions in the box to the pictures below. English Sorry, I don t understand. What s Hela in English? Can you say that slowly, please?

A, Good morning. A, Hello. I m Alonzo Moreno. S, Good morning. I m Camila Diaz. Nice to meet A, Welcome to Easton Hotel. A, Nice to meet you, too. Photo Photo A, Hi, Nina. I m Maria Hofmann. What s your name? Photo s, I m Helga Peters. Reply to each person. Good morning.

You: Good morning. A: Hello. I m Adeline Garza. B: I m Nahid Golavina. Nice to meet you.

A: Nice to meet you, too. Say the alphabet. Match the letters of the alphabet to the underlined sounds. A: HD three four seven. B: Delhi. Vocabulary Icountries 4 a Match a city on the Arrivals board to a country in the box below.

Pronunciation 5 a listen again. Count the syllables for each country. Say a city. Your partner says a country. A: Tokyo. B: Japan. Lifelong learning A vocabulary notebook Write new words in a vocabulary notebook.

Show the syllables and the stress. Countries Ar gen! Complete the sentences below. He s from India. He s in the UK. She s from She s in 3 She s Nicole Redman. She s from She s in b listen again and check your answers.

Read the How to. Greet your partner at airport arrivals. B: Yes. Mrs Cole. I m Stephen Taylor. Welcome to the UK. B: Thank you. Make true or false statements about cities. A: Sydney is in Argentina. S: False! Speaking 9 Match the photos a-f below to the names in the box.

Talk about the people. She s from Brazil. No, thank you. Yes, please. Excuse me,. Complete the conversations with a phrase from Ex. Put the sentences in the correct order. A: Hi, Boris. III l: Nice to meet you, too. This is luisa. Check your answers. Nice to meet you, too. Introduce each other.

A: Hi, Britto. B: Hi, Pedro. This is Roxana. Complete the conversation between Luisa and Andy. Luisa: Where are you from, Andy? Andy: I m from New York. Andy: Where are you from in Argentina? Luisa: I m from Rosario. Repeat the conversation. A, Where are you from, Andy? B: I m rom New York. A, Where ore you from. B, I m from. Grammar Iquestions with be 7 look at the Active grammar box. Match the questions to the answers. A: 1 Where are you from? B: 2 from Turkey. B: I m from the UK.

B, I m from Delhi. B, Sao Paolo in Brazil. B, I m from Sydney. Pronunciation 9 a lIED listen. Mark the stress. Speaking 10 Work in groups of three, A, Band C. Student A: introduce Band C. Student B: ask where Student Cis from. Student C: ask where Student B is from. II Find a phone number 1 a Match countries a-f to the countries in the table below. Complete the dialling codes in the table below. Repeat the countries and country numbers. Take turns to practise the conversations in Ex.

You ore You " He is He s in room She is She s Jennifer West. Where are" " Whefe! Where Ofe you from in Russia? B: You are in room Welcome to Hotel California.

Don Henley. A: in room , Mr Henley. S: Hello. I m Ms Turner. S: Thank you.

Welcome to the Kelly Hotel. Trina Cassidy. A: in room Ms CaSSidy. B: Hello. S Sushi: Japan. Rock and roll: the US. Write one word in each gap. C: Nice to meet you, too. B: 2 are you from? C: 3 from Poland. B: Where are you from 4 Poland? C: I m from Krakow. Where s you from? B: I m from Spain. C: Where are you 6 in Spain? B: I m from Salamanca. E: Good morning, Daisy. D: This 7 Francesca. E: Hello, Francesca. I m Edward. F: Nice to meet you, too. E: Where 8 you from?

F: I m from Turin, in Italy. E: I m from to UK. E: 12 from Bristol. Write the phrases from the box below in the correct place. Good afternoon. Thank you. Complete the gaps below with the words from the box. Underline the main stress. Student A: point to an object in Photos 8-D.

Student B: say the word. Listening 1 a look at the photos of Sabrina and her family. How are the people related to Sabrina? Write a name next to each word below. Write the correct ages next to the names in the photos. Say numbers Write a number. Your partner says it. How old are the people in the photos? She s : twenty-one: Granunar I Who. A: Who s he? B: He s she? A: Who s? A: he?

B: It sOK. He s my father. He s my brother. She s my mother. She s my sister. He s my son. He s my husband. She s my daughter. Pronunciation 7 a III listen. Circle the correct number. S He s my husband. Speaking 8 a Write a list of five names from your family or friends. A: Who s Martin? B: He s my brother. He s twenty-seven yeaf5 old. Lifelong learning Talk about you! Use English in class as much as possible. Use English to talk about your family, your life, etc. It makes English more memorable.

Sophie s my daughter. She s nineteen. II Listening 1 a aa Listen and tick the correct addresses. Dublin 0 b 26 l ower Abbey Street. Dublin 0 5 a 17 Brook Street. Vocabulary I expressions 3 a Match an expression great, good, OK, bad, awful to each person. What do the judges say about each singer?

Complete column 1 below. Terri Vittoria Hans Sanjay c What do you think of the singers? Complete column 2 above and compare with a partner. A; Ben s awful. B: Yes, he s awful. Terri s OK. A; Terri s great! A; Mariah Carey s great. B: Mariah Carey? She s OK. Grammar I What s your. B: It s Ask and answer the questions in the Active grammar box. Speaking 6 a aID listen and write the correct names and addresses. B: Julian Carax. Find the information for that person on page and complete the table for your person.

Talk to other students and complete the table below for the other people. B: I m Hans Melo. A: How do you spell that, please? Where do the people come from? I m from Munich. I m 52 years old.

My name s Tom Mackintosh. I m 34 years old. I m from Toronto. I m from Kyoto. I ma junura-: j:-m-aiI. A: What s your email address? How do you say the email addresses in the profiles? B: Henr;que: H - f - N. Frieda Lang;s from Getmany.

She s. Vocabulary Ijobs 4 a Match the words in the box to the pictures What jobs do your friends and family do? My sister s Q teacher. Active grammar G What s his name?

What s her name? A: What s 1 his name? B: It s 19 Wilson Road, Glasgow. Speaking 9 Work with a partner. A: Who s your best friend? B: Her name s Nina. A: What s herjob? B: She s.

Writing 10 a Write a personal profile for emailfriends. Myname s. I m from. Then tell the class about your partner.

His name s Sebastian. He s from. II rr--"-:"! Choose a word from the box and talk about the picture. A: What s number 2?

B: It s a restourant. B: She s an actor. A: What s Toronto? B: It s a city. What s your favourite Who s restaurant? Ask questions from Ex.

Use great. A: Who 5 your favourite singer? B: Dido. She s great. A: Dido? She s ok. Write the answers in the table below. Her favourite city is. Who is he? Who is Rachel? Who s your best friend? What is for things. What s her surname? What s his phone number? What s your email address? Who s. Remember these questions with How.

How do you spell thot. How old are you? Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its My, your, his. Possessive adjectives show ownership. Pronoun I am Robert. You are Possessive adjective My nome is Robert. Your sister is He is a singer. Paul is his brother. She is great. Her CD is great. It is in Europe. Prague is its capital. Articles: alan Use aand an before single nouns.

New Total English

She s 0 teacher. Her brother is on actor.

Complete the sentences. S Adele: husband. Rearrange the words to make questions. Karl 4 Complete the conversation with questions from Ex. A: 1 What s your name? Gabriel: Gabriel Willis. Gabriel: I m Gabriel: Cardiff in Wales. Gabriel: 70 Bridge Street, Fairwater. Gabriel: B: Helen. B: She s B: She s a manager. B: Oliver. B: He s B: He s a police officer. B: He s from Ireland.

Lead-in 1 a Match a word in the box to a picture A- D. Draw a simple picture for each word. Listen to the words above and repeat. Titicaca in Bolivia in Italy What 5 your favourite tourist aUroction in this country?

Vocabulary Iadjectives 1 a look at the map. Match a city on the map to a photo below. Spaghetti Junction in the UK is beautiful! The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is beautiful. Ho Id. Read the email. Who is in the photo in the email? Hi Mum and Dad How are you? Steven and I are fine. It s greatl Istanbul is big. Magda and Zarek are in the Pera Palace Hotel, too.

They are our friends. They re from Poland. The attachment is a photo of Magda and Zarek. They are in their car. It s a Mercedes. It s beautiful! Its colour is great. Love Rebecca b Write true mor false F. Grammar 1 Ito be with we and they 4 Look at the email on page 30 again. Complete the Active grammar box below. Use contractions. Grammar 2 lour and their 6 Complete the Active grammar box below.

Active grammar I She is my friend. You Your house is modern. He Rachel is his wife. She Her mother is great. It Its capital is Madrid. You Your photos are beautiful.

Pronunciation 9 a" listen. Write the sentences. Use they re or their. Writing 10 a Work in pairs. You and your partner are on holiday. Choose a destination from the map on page Complete the details. Then write an email to a friend about your holiday.

What s in your suitcase? Mark the stress and repeat. Match a conversation to a suitcase A-C. Grammar 1 Iplural nouns 3 a listen again to conversation 3. Complete the Active grammar box. What is in each suitcase? Complete the lists below. Conversation 1: a camera, two books Conversation 2: a backpack Conversation 3: a pair of trousers C listen and check your answers.

Pronunciation 4 a DJ listen. Lifelong learning Record pronunciation In your vocabulary notebooks. Oescribe a suitcase from Ex. A: What s in the suitcase?

B: Two skirts. Cover one of the suitcases. Remember what s in it. Tell your partner. Listening 6 a ID listen. Answer the questions. Complete the phrases from the conversation.

Grammar 2 1the verb to be negative 7 Complete the grammar box with aren t or isn t. Active grammar 0 : I. Miss Miles. A: Hello Bob. This is my wife. Two tickets to New York, please. B: I m not Bob,l m Bill. A: Is this your backpack, Mr Robson? Write sentences using the information from Ex. We re from this city. Our teacher isn t from this city. Speaking 10 Work in pairs. Continue the conversation in Ex.

Mrs Mites: It isn t an MP3 player, it s a camera. Say a day. Your partner says the next day. A: Thursday. B: Friday. It s near Oxford Street. It s open from Monday to Sunday. It s big and ii s fr. Say the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses in the text. Check them in a dictionary. C Read the texts. Choose the correct word in the sentences below. Listening 3 a lID listen. Match a conversation to a tourist attraction in the text.

Conversation 1 1 Is [beep] near here? Conversation 2 4 Good. Is it near? Underline all the example of questions with be. Active grammar O :Am your friend? Yes, you are. Yes, I am. No, I m not. Yes, we are. No, we aren t. Yes, theyare. No, they aren t. Are you from China? Then write a short answer. B: Yes, it is. B:Yes, 4 a museum it is A,? B:No, 5 is open the shop A,? B:Yes, , you an actor are A,?

B:No, Reading and speaking 6 Work in pairs. Student A: read the text below about Harrods and answer your partner s questions. Ask for information about the Louvre. Student B: look at page Read the text about the Louvre and answer your partner s questions.

Ask for information about Harrods. Check the meaning of new words in a dictionary. Nouns Adjectives skirt small c Which words follow very: nouns or adjectives? Ho, Very hot 2 ID listen and read the conversation below. Sara: Hi, louis. It s Sara. How are you and Paul? Sara: We re fine, thanks. And you? Where are you? Sara: We re in Morocco.

Sara: No, we aren t, We re in Marakesh. Sara: Yes, it is. It s very beautiful. It s very hot. Sara: No, it isn t, It s very small and very old. Is the food nice? Sara: Yes, it s very nice. Are Mum and Dad OK? They re fine. Sara: OK, see you on Friday. Sara: Bye. Read and repeat the conversation. Remember the conversation. Morocco Casablanca? Marakesh beautiful? Ves hot? Ves hotel nice? No food nice? Mum and Dad? Bye Bye 4 a Write a new conversation. Use new people, new places and other adjectives.

Esther: Hello. Flavia: Hi. It s Flavia. The verb to be o I m am You re ore He in Istanbul.

New Total English Starter Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack

She s is from Turkey. You oren t in room He isn t my brother. She is not my sister. It acamero. We aren t from the US. They oren t friends. Short answers Am I your friend? No, you oren t.

Yes, Jom. I m not. Is he your brother? No, we oren t. No, they oren t. They re not at home. My wife is from Rome. You re in Istanbul. Your son is in London. He s Mr Hanson. His manager is Mr Reid. Her daughter is three.

New Total English

It s not a big hotel. Its roams are smalf. We re on holiday. Our hotel is very nice. They re in Italy Their children are at home. They re great. It s a big market. Key vocabulary Tourist attractions a castle a cathedral a palace a museum a gallery a department store a market a mountain a lake Holiday things backpack book camera map MP3 player pair of shoes pair of trousers top skirt suitcase Complete the sentences in the plural.

Sally and Paul are my friends, too. We in the Radford Hotel, too. They accountants, too. Michelle and I Alan and 01 From? Scotland Ireland Job?

Teacher's Book with Resource Disc (Starter)

Michelle and I are from Scotland. Right now 7 on holiday in Ireland. I m Ms Carter. It s open tomorrow. She s my mum. You re in room I m Tom. Ihe Write short answers for each question in Ex. It s in my suitcase. NO, it isn t. It s 3 Is it today? No, it isn t. It s 4 Is Tate Modern a?

It s a 5 Is Hampton Court a? A glfe c Work in pairs. Cover the words. Say the places. Ask What s your favourite. A: What s your favourite supermarket? B: Quickdownload is my favourite.

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